YETI W 11 10 19


YETI first appeared in the watchlist back in February on its breakout above the IPO high at $21.90, and then appeared multiple times as it rose higher in its initial Stage 2 advance.
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NYAD Cum 11 10 19

NYSE and Nasdaq Advance Decline Charts

Attached is the updated NYSE and Nasdaq Advance Decline Breadth Charts, including the cumulative AD line, momentum index, cumulative AD volume line, 10 Day AD oscillator and the McClellan Oscillator and Summation Index.
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TNK W 6 10 19

Stocks Watchlist - 6th October 2019

For the watchlist from the weekend scans - COST, COUP, DOCU, DXCM, GSX, HUBG, INFU, IPHI, LBRDK, LPG, LTM, MDLZ, NAT, PAYS, PFPT, RH, SEDG, SHOP, SMTA, TNK, ZYXI
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