US Stocks Watchlist

YETI W 11 10 19


YETI first appeared in the watchlist back in February on its breakout above the IPO high at $21.90, and then appeared multiple times as it rose higher in its initial Stage 2 advance.
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TNK W 6 10 19

Stocks Watchlist - 6th October 2019

For the watchlist from the weekend scans - COST, COUP, DOCU, DXCM, GSX, HUBG, INFU, IPHI, LBRDK, LPG, LTM, MDLZ, NAT, PAYS, PFPT, RH, SEDG, SHOP, SMTA, TNK, ZYXI
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ZYXI W 2 10 19

Stocks Watchlist - 2nd October 2019

A surprising number of stocks for the watchlist from Wednesdays scans considering the carnage in the major indexes. But that's the point of the daily scans that I do. As the individual stock charts tell you a lot more about what's going on than the indexes do imo.
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