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Hi, I've been dabbling in trading for a few years but just came across Stan Weinstein's book last week and have been amazed by its clarity.  Hugely grateful to @isatrader for running this site and enabling us to learn and share ideas around this work.
Hi everybody,
Ricardo Borges here, based in Europe, focusing on global markets. I have a few years of investing using fundamental analysis .. with painful outcomes and a large ‘accident’ due to the over leverage trap. Thanks to such tuition fee from the ‘fate’ school of hard knocks, in 2018 I started a journey to focus on risk management and emotional management. I have been experimenting with non-directional options strategies whilst aiming to benefit from divergences between expected versus historical volatility. 
Yes, in this journey I just found about Stan Weinstein work and it was/is an Eureka moment for me. The approach seems to fit well into my desire to be more mechanical, self-improvement with the use of backtesting, less judgmental and to stop fighting the market, but rather be aligned and in peace with the direction of equities (and with myself). Thank you to isatrader and all contributors to this site. Live long and ...
Hi all,
Dave Knight here, based in Bristol and recently read Stans book (Massive respect to Stan!) following a chance meeting with a fellow forum member who pointed me in this very positive direction (Huge thanks to Atweed!).
No trading experience, but always had an interest - albeit supressed!

So now trying to put the pieces of the jigsaw together to turn the theory in to a practical dash board of activities and pull the relevant information together and pick some shares.
I’ll be navigating the various discussion threads but are very keen to hear from any individuals who have already honed this process and don’t mind answering a few questions - Apologies in advance if I ask some rather basic ones!
A special thanks to Isa for putting this platform together!

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