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RE: Applying stage analysis to a monthly chart

(06-16-2019, 05:55 PM)malaguti Wrote: i was kind of hoping you wouldn't say that Smile
a stage 4 is so late waiting for a 30sma MA to move down. do you perhaps apply the trader method therefore the 10sma?
and just to confirm, you would not have entered until 2012 as per the attached

I think the trader method is more appropriate personally for the monthly, as the timescales are so much greater, and you are looking to get into a stock at new highs. But the chart you showed is an index chart, and so is an average of multiple stocks, and hence lags. So you'd have to be a lot more aggressive than with an individual stock imo, and hence I'd say you drop back to the weekly and get in early in the Stage 2.


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