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Full Version: What market do you trade the most?
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The purpose of this thread is to give me information about what markets that members trade the most to help me to know where to focus on more.

The options are:
  • S&P 500
  • US Mid Caps
  • US Small Caps
  • UK FTSE 350
  • UK AIM
  • Other
  • No preference
If the market you trade the most isn't in the list please reply to the thread as normal and say what it is.

I did n't know what to vote as I look at stocks from the following sources:

1) Your point and figure daily break outs/downs

2) Results of screening at Chartmill using the US only filter

3) I G indexes' "Top Movers" (by %tage, no volume available) screen for:

a) Nasdaq, Wall street and what they classify as US minor stocks.
b) UK stocks, I imagine that this includes all of the stocks in the FTSE100 and possibly all of the FTSE350. It picks up some very low prices thinly traded stocks so I suspect it includes some AIM stocks as well.

4) Stocks that I sometimes come across listed in the US or UK from reading the odd online article that is touting their good fundamentals. I check to see what stage they are in and invariably end up shaking my head and thinking why would anyone want to buy these now.Smile

So I usually remain oblivious to the market cap and don't think the index they are a constituent of has much bearing if any on my selection. Please let me know if I'm missing something here. I do tend to gravitate towards lower priced stocks as long as they are not too thinly traded. I think that is because volume can be relied upon more in these issues.

One other thing, recently I've been looking through the top movers in the PIIGS countries. Obviously many stocks are in stage one bases and I think that at this point in time it is a better place to look for opportunities than the US or UK markets. It's frustrating that there is not the equivalent of the DJ US indices or a proliferation of ETFs to use the forest to the trees approach and then of course there is the market breadth issue.
Thanks that's really useful. I've added "No preference" to the poll, so use that one if you don't focus on any particular market.
Thanks and job done.
Ya'll (pronounced you all) need to watch this.
Most of the time I stick to US small and Mid Caps.
Worth a watch if you are in UK and/or can access BBC Iplayer:

Part 1 of a 2 part program - second to follow next week
I trade in the UK markets and for stocks with an EMS of £7.5k or higher which translates to more or less the FTSE 350

- Malc
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